Deflation - HDD drilling

In 2016, Konvar company entered with the novelty in equipment and in the range of services it provides. It is a Ditch Witch - 25 machine. JT25 is a horizontal conductor for the installation of underground cables and pipes, at a distance of 250m, depending on the configuration of the terrain and the category of land. By purchasing this machine and special tools and drilling heads, we are able to more efficiently and better perform machine-building work under roads, rivers and green areas.

In the past, our team successfully carried out machine testing with the presence of Ditch Witch experts from Spain and Austria.
After the machine of the American manufacturer Ditch Witch type JT25, the new machine of the same manufacturer JT60 AT arrived in our construction sector.
As the first in this category, the JT60 AT provides a new range of possibilities in this area. It is intended for all types of terrains such as soil, sand, gravel, and its characteristics are especially emphasized by drilling large stone and compact walls. Basically it is intended for installation of underground cables and pipes at a distance of up to 500 m and a pipe diameter retracting to Ø1200 mm with depths of wells and over 20 m.


By looking at the requirements of the market and working conditions this year, we also purchased the Ditch Witch type JT20.
The JT20 is basically a smaller machine from the JT series that offers many possibilities. With a lot of power packed in compact size and new features such as a simple cutting mode and time-saving LCD display this machine allows us to work quickly and safely in all conditions. Its turbocharged engine produces much less noise (82dBA) and falls into the smallest of its class. Designed for installation of underground cables and pipes of smaller diameter, at a distance of 200m, depending on the configuration of the terrain and land category.


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