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Company KONVAR was founded in 2004 as a continuation of independent craft shop VAR – (WELD) established in 1989 as first private laboratory in Yugoslavia. From the beginning goal was to promote a successful business of Laboratory for testing of materials and to expand capacity and improve operations on installations in thermal power plants. The result of this effort is a company that today, using modern equipment and new technological processes successfully performing on the market.

Our mission

Since 1989, when ICS VAR was founded, our aim was to achieve the highest level of quality products and services.Requirements and needs of our customers, review of the status and movement of the market gave us an impulse to develop the company Konvar.From 2004, our young and promising team successfully operates and builds its position in the increasingly demanding market.We will try to justify your trust by making our relationship stronger, because the greatest confirmation of our work is long-term cooperation with our business partners.

Our Vision

  • continuous improvement of business processes
  • responsibility of each individual in the system
  • improvement of each individual in the system
  • improvement of knowledge, skills and business capacity
  • improvement of quality management in accordance with requirements of international standards
  • precise planning of all activities
  • quality and service to be our recognizable way to do business
  • building the leading position in the areas of our activities

Confirmation of our professionalism and quality of work are clients with whom we have long-term cooperation:


Konvar d.o.o.

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